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Learn more about life insurance with these useful materials

Life Resources

Learn more about life insurance with these useful materials

March 20, 2023 // All general // miscellaneous

How a AAA Membership Can Help You Save on Life Insurance

“Better call AAA!”

You’ve likely seen a movie or TV show where a character utters this phrase when a car breaks down or won’t start. AAA has become synonymous with its roadside assistance program – a service you hopefully never need to use but are relieved to have if you’ve ever been stranded.

This is just a small slice of what a AAA membership offers, which ranges from travel to financial services, insurance options, and local discounts for area restaurants and businesses. A AAA membership can pay off quickly and provide value in many areas of your life. 

It’s important to note that AAA is comprised of regional clubs across the United States, so the benefits offered by your club can vary depending on your residence. There are also membership tiers to review to make sure you’re getting the most out of the membership that works best for your budget.

This guide is intended to provide an idea of some of the most common benefits, but the best way to see the full offerings of your local club is to check out, which will automatically navigate you to the club that services your area.

More Than a Tow Truck, But That’s Important, Too

The roadside assistance program extends well beyond AAA’s well-known towing services. You can also call when you’re in need of fuel, locked out of your vehicle, or are stuck with a dead battery or flat tire (engines are optional here: AAA helps with bicycles, too). If you’re in need of a mechanic, participating locations may offer AAA member discounts.

The travel perks can help provide savings quickly, too. Your club may offer deals on resort or cruise packages, or individual flight, hotel, and car rental discounts to help keep your vacation costs down. Many clubs have deals with multiple restaurant partners, offering some savings on dining out (and even food delivery services). 

Local sports teams and entertainment options occasionally provide AAA member discounts, as well. If you’re a member, or looking to become one, it’s worth frequently revisiting the list of discounts in your area so you’re taking full advantage of what your club offers in your area.

And what about maps? AAA can provide free maps of over 400 locations across North America – you won’t always have cell service, after all!

Where Does Life Insurance Fit In?

Apologies for bringing up stressful high school memories, but it’s time for a pop quiz. Do you need to be a AAA member to get a policy from AAA Life Insurance Company?

The answer is no, but if you’re in the market for life insurance, being a member can help you save in that area, too.

We should also mention that your local AAA agents may offer many other insurance options, including health, auto, boat, home, renters, travel, and accident insurance, so working to bundle your options with one trusted partner is another way to keep your prices down.

With life insurance specifically, AAA Life will waive the $60 annual policy fee on a guaranteed issue whole life policy, and AAA members can enjoy a 10% discount on their premium payment with term life policies, too. That savings alone could account for a significant portion of the annual membership cost (which does vary depending on your membership tier).

Without a doubt, it’s worth looking at your local AAA club and fully investigating each perk, and where the membership could offer savings on your current budget. If you’re an existing or soon-to-be AAA member looking to cash in on your membership’s life insurance discount, call our experienced agents today at (888) 422-7020 or learn more about your life insurance coverage options on


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