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Life Resources

Learn more about life insurance with these useful materials

April 25, 2023 // All resources---tips // personal-finance

Planning to Get Life Insurance? Here's How a Health Screening Can Help You Save

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In a time when you can use your smartphone to book a hotel and flight, have meals from restaurants in your area delivered to your doorstep, or instantly translate text written in a different language all within a few minutes, it can be difficult to stay on top of tasks still done the “old-fashioned way.”

Call to make an appointment, patiently listen to some (sometimes surprisingly catchy) hold music, request a few hours off work, sit in an uncomfortably bright waiting room, stare at a clock as your designated appointment time comes and goes… you get the idea.

Convenience is king, and AAA Life understands that and keeps your convenience at the forefront during the life insurance application process.

If you come across the phrase “health screening” as part of the coverage you’re looking into, you may think of having to set up an appointment with your doctor, but it’s not quite the same thing. 

While a medical exam suggests a more thorough review, health screenings are short (generally about 30 minutes) and conducted by licensed medical professionals who can come to you. You’ll be able to choose your preferred location so that it eats into less of your day, whether that’s at your home, your office, or a local screening facility. Your screening can be done where you want, when you want.

Why is this good news for you?

This information is needed as part of the evaluation process insurance companies do to assess risk. If you’re in good health, this will help you get your best rate – the fewer health risks you have, the cheaper your coverage will be.

Health screenings are quick, convenient and secure. A paramedical professional will meet you at your chosen location and collect basic vital information such as height, weight and blood pressure. At times, some samples may be needed as well.

And don’t worry if you’re not in tip-top shape, this is just a general assessment of your health and not every pre-existing medical condition will disqualify you from coverage. And while there are coverage options that do not require a health screening, those options are not always the best fit for those who have a specific budget in mind.

Don’t let this convenient process become a barrier between you and the added peace of mind life insurance can offer for you and your family. The savings that can come with qualifying for a low-risk group after a health screening could be staggering, especially for policies designed to cover you for decades. But even for a smaller or shorter policy, the difference of even a few dollars a month will be noticeable. 

Some tips to help you rest easy

When it comes time for your health screening, keep these simple steps in mind to help get the best possible results.

•    Schedule your exam for first thing in the morning.
•    In the 24 hours leading up to your exam, get plenty of rest and eat healthy meals. Avoid strenuous workouts and foods that are high in salt or cholesterol. Get a good night’s sleep.
•    In the 12 hours prior to your exam, avoid alcohol, caffeine and pain medication. Drink plenty of water, especially the hour before your exam.

Your paramedical professional will advise you of any additional steps to take, but following the steps above will help lower your blood pressure and make any necessary fluid tests easier.

After that, your role in the life insurance application process is nearly complete! AAA Life will review your full application, and you’ll be notified when a decision on your coverage has been made. Congratulations are in order on the steps you’ve taken to help protect your family’s future.
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