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Is Member Loyalty® Accident Insurance Right for You?


  • You’re a AAA  member  age 18 or older, and would like guaranteed accident protection for you and your family. There are no health exams or medical questions
  • You already have life insurance but want to ensure that you’re covered in the event of an accident that causes hospitalization, a trip to the emergency room, the need for recuperation, or even death


  • You’re looking for a policy that provides lifelong life insurance coverage for more than accidents . Try Simple Whole Life instead
  • You’re interested in affordable life insurance that covers more than accidental death, but for a specific period of time. Try Traditional Term Life instead
  • You’re looking for coverage that you can buy online and helps cover more than accident-related death or injury. Try ExpressTerm Life instead


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AAA members, who have been part of AAA for five years or more, are eligible for our PREMIER benefits level 5,1 which includes the following important benefits:


Fortunately, not every accident results in death. Unfortunately, accidents can result in lengthy and expensive hospital stays. With this coverage you get benefits of $375 to $1,500 per day for a maximum of 365 days per occurrence from the very first day of hospitalization due to a covered accident


It can take weeks or even months to recuperate from a serious injury. Another $375 to $1,500 per day in benefits is paid to help the AAA member recuperate for a covered accident. The covered medically prescribed recuperation benefits is equal to the number of days covered hospitalization


People are often surprised when they get the bill for an emergency room visit. The ER may charge for every doctor or nurse who sees the patient and every test that may be done. An annual $375 to $1,500 emergency room and urgent care benefit can be paid for a covered accident

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Additional Coverage Features


  • According to the 2016 Injury Facts® from the National Safety Council®, accidental injuries are a leading cause of death in America. Whether changing lanes on a highway, traveling on an airplane, or falling off a ladder outside your home, your family could receive from $62,500 to $500,000 in the Premier benefit level 5 if you die in a covered accident


  • If you lose your life in a covered accident, your spouse2 will get a free AAA membership for life. If you’ve enrolled your whole family, and your spouse loses his or her life in a covered accident, you will receive a free AAA membership for life3
  • Cash benefit amount is paid directly to you (or your beneficiary)
  • You can collect benefits for more than one accident over your lifetime


Exceptional Coverage Can Be Affordable Too

It’s our goal to help you feel confident about your coverage—and its price. Our top-tier Premier benefit level for AAA members starts at only $17 per month for ages 18-69. You can cover your whole family for $4 more per month.*
Call (800) 684-4222 today to get covered.

* If you choose Family Coverage, your spouse is covered at 60% of the primary insured’s benefits; eligible children are covered at 20%.

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