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Cost-Effective Coverage for a Set Time Period

Finding a Term Life Insurance policy that can help cover your needs while remaining affordable doesn’t have to be a challenge. With a Traditional Term Life Insurance policy from AAA Life, you’ll find that obtaining affordable coverage could be easier than you think. AAA Life’s Traditional Term life insurance allows you to choose 10- to 30-year terms with coverage ranging from $50,000 - $5,000,000+. Insurance premiums are locked-in and never increase during the initial term, which means that your coverage can remain affordable.

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Is Traditional Term Right for You?


  • You want customizable coverage that can fit your budget
  • You don’t mind participating in a simple health screening if necessary
  • You have a lot to protect—a family, your income, a mortgage, or college expenses


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Affordable Coverage with Traditional Term


  • This is fully underwritten term, so we may be able to offer a better price depending on your health and other factors
  • Customizable coverage amounts and term periods
  • Like most life insurance rates, they will go up as you get older or your health declines, apply now for the best rate
  • Personalize your policy with optional riders
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Optional Add-Ons

Riders add special benefits to further customize a policy for an additional cost.


Add up to $20,000 of life insurance protection per eligible child


Allows you to stop paying your premiums if you are totally disabled, without losing your policy


Get all of your premium payments back if you outlive your term length. Click here for details

Term Life Insurance to Help Protect Your Family

AAA Life’s Traditional Term Life Insurance isn’t just designed for one person – it’s designed to help protect your future and the future of those most important to you. With many customizable features and the ability to add riders —including life insurance for children or Term with Return of Premium (ROP) —AAA Life’s Traditional Term Life Insurance offers the flexibility needed when you have a lot to protect.

How Our Traditional Term Life Rates Stack Up Against the Competition

Traditional Term 500K Competitive Rate Chart


of Term Life Insurance


Monthly automatic premium for 10-year level term policy, female, age 35, best class non-nicotine.


Comparison of publicly available rates from Compulife and company websites. Rates were not furnished by these companies and you may contact them with any questions. Rates shown are current as of 1/17/2024 and are subject to change.

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How Affordable is Term Life Insurance?

Worried that term life insurance is out of reach? Don't be. Learn how term life insurance can fit into your budget.

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