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Is Term with Return of Premium Right for You?


  • You would like to get all of your premiums back if you don’t use the death benefit1
  • You don’t mind taking a medical exam to get the best rates
  • You want to use the premiums to help pay for college, retirement, or travel


  • You want to insure your children on your policy or want a guaranteed waiver of premium should you become ill or disabled. Try Traditional Term Life instead
  • You want to be covered today. Consider ExpressTerm Life instead


Cost Considerations for Term with Return of Premium


  • You pay a higher rate now, and get all of those premiums back if you outlive your term period
  • There’s a medical exam, so we may be able to offer a better price depending on your health
  • Customizable coverage amounts and term periods
  • Rates tend to increase as you get older or your health declines

How Does the Return of Premium Rider Work?

  1. Purchase a Traditional Term life insurance policy from AAA Life and add the Return of Premium rider.
  2. Pay your premiums on time, and keep the term policy and the Return of Premium rider active.
  3. The extra premium you pay for the Return of Premium rider guarantees the return of all of your premium payments at the end of the life insurance policy's initial term period.2
  4. Use the returned premiums as you wish!

Solid. Reliable. Affordable.

It’s our goal to provide you with the best life insurance coverage available, at a price you can afford. And with Traditional Term with Return of Premium, you get the added benefit of getting your payments back if you don’t use your policy—because buying life insurance should help provide you with financial peace of mind, not a financial burden.

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