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Flexible, Permanent Coverage that Grows Cash Value

Universal Life Insurance was created to help protect families, cover final expenses, and provide added peace of mind, with a little extra. AAA Life’s Accumulator Universal Life Insurance allows policy owners to build cash value, which can be used to help cover final expenses, bolster your retirement savings, and even help skip premiums. Help protect your family and your financial security with AAA Life.

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Is Accumulator Universal Life Right for You?



  • Accumulating cash value is an important objective
  • You want to use the policy's cash value to help supplement retirement income
  • You want flexibility over how you pay your premiums
  • You want to leave a death benefit for those you care about




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Affordable Coverage for Accumulator Universal Life


  • Take advantage of AAA Life’s competitive premium rates
  • Customize your premium and benefit amounts to accommodate your budget and specific objectives
  • Accumulate cash value tax-deferred1
  • Personalize your coverage with optional add-ons for more protection at less cost than carrying multiple policies
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Optional Add-Ons

Riders add additional benefits to further customize a policy for an added cost


Can provide up to $20,000 of life insurance coverage per eligible child


Pays for your life insurance monthly deductions if you become disabled


Provides an additional payment of up to $150,000 to your beneficiary (or your total Accumulator Universal Life coverage amount, whichever is lower) should you die in a covered accident


Allows for an increase of coverage at a future date, without proof of insurability, should you need it

Life Insurance with Cash Value Designed for You

Accumulator life insurance policies offer flexibility for those seeking permanent insurance with AAA Life. Coverage starts as low as $100,000, and each policy offers customizable payment options, tax-deferred cash accumulation, the ability to add insurance riders for children, and accidental death, and more. With an Accumulator Universal Life Insurance policy, you can have the coverage you need with the increased security you desire.

If you’re looking for the benefit of life insurance protection, as well as building cash value, Accumulator Universal Life offers both. Starting at $75.77 per month*, you can get Accumulator Universal Life, and add peace of mind for the ones you care about most.

*Monthly automatic rate shown is for a $100,000 level death benefit for a 35-year-old female, super-preferred non-nicotine. At the guaranteed minimum interest rate of 3.00% coverage is not guaranteed to age 120. Rate is current as of 9/12/2023 and based upon assumptions that are subject to change

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