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EliteGuarantee ANNUITY

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Is the EliteGuarantee Annuity Right for You?


  • Saving for retirement is your primary goal
  • You want a stable investment option to grow your retirement savings, tax-deferred1
  • You want to make a single payment and let a guaranteed interest rate grow your money
  • You’d rather grow your earnings tax-free now and the pay tax when you use your money




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How Does This Annuity Work?


  1. Start your annuity with as little as $3,000
  2. Earn a competitive fixed interest rate that’s guaranteed for three years
  3. Have access to your funds with the ability to take a withdrawal of up to 10% of the accumulated value once per contract year
  4. At the end of the three-year period, you can renew your annuity based on current interest rates declared by AAA Life
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Why a Deferred Annuity for Your Retirement Savings?


  • You earn interest on the money you put in, and on the interest it earns—so your savings can accumulate faster
  • You won’t pay taxes during the growth period on your accrued earnings until you take money out
  • Interest rates are competitive and may be a good option for those focused on further growth
  • There’s a guaranteed minimum interest rate. Your annuity will never earn less than that minimum rate—no matter how the financial market fluctuates
  • Your savings are accessible. After the first year, you’ll be able to take one withdrawal per year of up to 10% against your deferred annuity without a withdrawal charge2
  • The annuity has options to help you achieve your personal goals for retirement

Save with a Deferred Annuity

Deferred annuities are specially designed for retirement saving. While both of AAA Life’s deferred annuities offer guarantees, you can choose which one is right for you based on your goals and objectives for saving.

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EliteGuarantee Deferred Annuity

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