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Is the Guaranteed Income Annuity Right for You?


  • You’re retired and want a reliable way to help ensure you have a guaranteed steady income for the rest of your life
  • You want the flexibility to decide how much your income payments should be, when they should start, and how long they should last




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How Does This Annuity Work?

  1. Start your annuity with an initial monetary contribution
  2. Decide how you would like to be paid, and how you would like your beneficiary to receive income should you pass away
  3. Select any additional features you may be interested in such as Income Future Adjustment Option Rider, Inflation Offset Rider, or the Return of Premium option, which ensures that any unpaid initial premium is returned to the policy owner
  4. When you’re ready, start receiving a steady stream of income payments – that can be guaranteed for the rest of your life
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Why Use an Immediate Annuity for Your Retirement Savings?

  • While pension plans offered through your employer may seem like a thing of the past, you can create your own retirement income stream
  • While you have saved for retirement, you still have concerns when it comes to turning your savings into income. You want to make sure you have money coming in for as long as you need it
  • Premiums are flexible. You decide how much you want to contribute and when you start receiving income
  • Help eliminate your worries about taking money out of your savings each year and making it last. A Guaranteed Income Annuity from AAA Life Insurance Company can create income from your retirement savings for as long as you live. A portion of your assets from retirement savings plans (like a 401k, IRA, bank account, etc.) can be turned into a regular income stream that can pay you throughout your whole retirement

A Little More Peace of Mind When You Need It Most

We understand that, when it comes to saving for retirement, you have a lot to think about – and we’re here to help you conquer that uncertainty. An annuity from AAA Life can help you balance your retirement strategy and help ensure that you have consistent, reliable income throughout your retirement. Adding peace of mind is closer and more affordable than ever – so talk to an agent today and find out more about the benefits of an annuity from AAA Life.

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