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Life Resources

Learn more about life insurance with these useful materials

April 12, 2017 // All General // Miscellaneous

Football & Life Insurance: There is no second-string you!

It’s the big game! It’s 1st and 10 and the crowd is cheering your team toward victory. Then suddenly and without warning, the star quarterback vanishes…How does the team continue to play the game?

While the scenario of a vanishing quarterback might seem like fiction, the analogy rings true in life today. Your family depends on you to make the right plays—you’re essential to their success. So what would your family do without their star quarterback?

It’s likely not fun to think about, but your family doesn’t have a “second-string” you. One of the most important things you can do to support your family is by having life insurance. Life insurance can step in as the “second-string” helper so that your family— your valued team members—can keep playing the game.

Help keep them “off the bench.”

Life insurance can be a gift with the potential to alleviate some of the pressures your family might experience after losing you. In the end, being the star quarterback for your family is not about how many touchdowns you can score for your team. Rather, it’s all about giving them a winning strategy to stay in the game.

Have a well laid out “game plan.”

Many Americans take advantage of life insurance offered by their employers, but that might not be enough. A rule of thumb is getting enough coverage to replace 10 times your annual income. It’s a good idea to review the coverage you currently have and see if is enough to help with your household expenses, mortgage payments, credit cards, education costs, etc. You might find that your family requires more coverage than you originally planned for.

Be aware of the “game clock.”

Make your family’s financial security a priority and stay aware of the “game clock.” The cost of your life insurance is based on your age and health, so the sooner you explore your options, the more likely you can get the coverage you need and may even save money on the cost.

Help them make a “touchdown.”

You want the best for your children and understand how costly having a family can be. If you, their star quarterback, isn’t around, are you confident that your children could fund their future dreams for college?

As the star quarterback, you can’t afford to “fumble the ball” with your family’s financial future. Get the coverage your team deserves and help build a strategy to keep them in the game.


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